A Celebration of Education

McPherson County

All Schools Day

Commemorative Book

A special 100 page book was published, commemorating the 100th anniversary of McPherson County All Schools Day, and copies are still available. Compiled by members of the All Schools Day committee and the McPherson Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the book features photos and a brief history of each decade of the century-old celebration.

In addition to the many pages of history, the book includes a list of May Queens, themes, past chairperson, float winners, button contest winners, Madathon, the carnival, May Fete, a timeline of notable events, and so much more!

The books are available at no cost and can be picked up at the McPherson Museum, McPherson Chamber of Commerce, at various locations during the parade, or can be ordered online (postage applies when ordering online).

Celebrating 100 years of All Schools Day

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