The All Schools Day celebration includes a week-long carnival, two nights of May Fete, the Parade on Friday morning, the Madathon on Friday afternoon, and many other activities for kids of all ages.

2021 All Schools Day Update

This year’s event will be a scaled-down version compared to previous years.  Our plan is to still make the most out of the situation this year.

The theme for the 108th Annual All Schools Day celebration is: “All Trails Lead Home”.  This is a nod to the celebration of the 200th year of the Santa Fe Trail, which is also this year.

2021 Button Contest

The ASD button contest is now underway and open to all area residents. Entries must be submitted to the ASD Committee at the McPherson Chamber of Commerce by February 12, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

Designers should keep the theme in mind while creating their design.  A cash prize of $200.00 will be awarded to the creator of the winning design, which will be reproduced on the official 2021 All Schools Day button and other promotional materials.  The buttons are sold to support many of the activities of the week-long event.

> 2021 Button Design Entry Form

Thank you to the many supporters of All Schools Day!

As an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, it is only through the generous contribution of time, energy and financial resources of thousands of volunteers over the years that All Schools Day is celebrated.

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